Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pride on Wine?

Some honcho described his company the other day.

Unfocused was one word he used. Fearful and stuck were other words.

He had a red wine bottle on his desk.

PRIDE was on the label.

Word from the man contained usual business blah, blah, blah.

Sounds like ordinary stuff.

Performance. Results. Innovation. Dedication. Excellence.

"Our culture now stands for Pride," said the man.

Pride on wine?

Man, oh man.

Sounds notorious.

Sounds like the last thing a wandering outfit needs to find its way home in the dark night.

You hear people talk about how proud they are of this or that, especially when things aren't going so well.

You wonder if pride wasn't their problem in the first place, that things might have turned out better if there was less pride, more humility.

What if an organization's culture amplified gratitude instead of pride?

Maybe for this honcho, there's a better buzzword for his business to use.

Like GIFT.

Grateful. Indebted. Forgiven. Truthful.

Maybe they should make that their pithy label.

Not slapped on something like a deep red wine bottle but stuck on a thing like a cold hard rock.

A sound reminder but for the graces of God that thing would be us.