Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm Scared

You ever heard someone in a meeting say: ''I don't have time for this'' ?

Mostly they mean: ''I'm scared.''

This is too bad. Too many good ideas get killed on the spot in meetings by scared people.

What's even worse is that scared people scare other good people. And then those good people decide to not to take a big good idea forward.

Why? Too scary.

What to do then?

Here's one idea: Whenever someone says ''I (or we) don't have time'' reach for your flashlight. You know...the one that you were born with; the one you keep in your pocket most of your life, and shine it on that person pretending to ask 'em: ''Are you just scared of something, or what?'' And if you're feeling really gutsy, maybe go seek that person in private and ask for real: ''What's so scary?''

There's nothing like shining a little flashlight on the boogie man. You know like I know what happens when you do that. The boogie man goes away.

Maybe I was a strange kid but this is always why I slept better during the dark night...with a flashlight ready to shine on the boogieman and his scary schtick. By light of day, he always went away.

Do you have a flashlight nearby? Have you ever had to use it on the scary boogieman who says you don't have time to do something big?


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