Friday, November 13, 2009

Desire. Behavior.

Game changing innovation does best when addressing our desires. Innovating or automating behavior is a dead-end route.

Google didn't set out to automate how we find information. Had it done so, it might have created robotic library card-catalogue systems. Expensive. Heavy. Yuck.

Instead, it responded to our desire for better organized information. The result is easy search innovation that's changed the world's behavior in how it finds the information it needs. And met our hopes, desires for having quick, simple access to information at our fingertips in this knowledge economy.

Medtronic didn't set out to automate the behavior of the beating human heart. Otherwise it might've invented an artificial heart device. Instead, it responded to the desire of healthy, normal living while managing cardiovascular disease. Today it produces minimally invasive devices about the size of the coins we carry in our pockets. How excellent is that!

Would that our health care reformers pay mind to this as they advance efforts to reign in out-of-control costs while improving access in an aging country.

The next big thing for business software guys isn't automating more-and-more behaviors of their customers. It's going to be meeting the desires of people to be appropriately, commercially, efficiently, measureably social and community-centric in a business context.

Twitter's had some success here. But I suspect there's more to the desires of humans being social in business than what is being met so far by Twitter.

You want to be in on the next big thing at a time when our economy needs a lot of Next Big Things, you ought to be solving for desire, instead of solving for behavior.

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  1. Great mind shift thinking there.

    Can you give another example of solving for desire instead of behavior?

  2. Every company asking, "how can we use social media?" is starting from a perspective of addressing behavior instead of solving for desire. First determine what your customers value and then, if social media can help you address that need, go for it.

  3. Mark, Fred the Math Teacher is my favorite innovator. Fridays Post wrote about him in June. Great example of a mind shift. Thanks.

  4. Rebecca, thanks. Good point. Wonder what The Social Business wants to be when it grows up? Wonder who's trying to figure out helping them?