Friday, December 18, 2009

The Movies

You ever wanted to go to a holiday movie because everyone you know is saying they want to go to that movie. Even though you don't know exactly what you're all in for?

That's the way it is for all Next Big Things. Everyone wants in. Even if they're not sure why.

This is the moment when everyone's getting swept up. And it's a moment when great opportunity is at hand.

Here are a couple of thoughts that may come in handy at times like these.

First, is simple awareness that everyone wants in. As in the case of stuff like Facebook and Twitter these days. These are movies everyone wants to see right now.

How can you tell? The Odd Factor helps me. I start seeing swept up moments when I hear odd chatter in odd spots. Like when I heard two seniors in a Starbucks talking about connecting on Facebook. That ranked high on my Odd Factor. And helped me see everyone wants in on this movie.

Second thought is if you're aware of all the people going to the movie sweeping up at the box office, how great would it be if you're the one selling the popcorn?

Who wants to be the guy selling liver and onions at the movie everyone wants to see?


1 comment:

  1. 1) yeah I hate liver and onions 2) agree 100% with the concept of "bandwagon" movie goer and Odd Factor, love that one.

    Problem is stuff moves pretty fast, and sometimes the movie isn't as good as the book. Why? Because you own more of the book than the movie, because the book requires more of you.

    I think there are plenty of folks looking for that quick social media movie instant high, that Surround Sound rush.

    For me, social media is about time to savor some new thought, the patience to understand another's point of view. In this case the movie is a great set up to the rest of the story, the sequel is unfolding before your eyes.

    All the best this holiday season to you and the readers of the Friday Post