Friday, February 5, 2010

Healing As a Together Thing

I googled grief the other night.

A blog post by Dr. Edward Creagan of Mayo Clinic after his mother died said, "We grieve alone but we heal in community."

Healing, as a Together Thing. Often heard in the expression of simple, poignent words from people all around you.

Many you know. Some, like Dr. Creagan, you don't. Words, messages, touches of healing, of togetherness, of life.

Words like these from friends and soulmates have been so comforting, so healing these last days:

"...grief is the price we pay for love..."

"...if there is anything I have learned from both of my parents now gone, is that they are really not gone. They live through their children on a daily basis and as important through their grandchildren. We all have many attributes from our parents both genetically and especially emotionally. That torch gets passed down..."

"...My Mom's been gone for six years. I still miss her, but it doesn't hurt so much...thoughts of her comfort and nurture my everyday..."

"...Meanwhile, a day at a time, it will get easier; you have and will learn from this, and she's not gone in many mysterious and wonderful ways..."

And then this, an email from Dad to us, his kids, a few days after we lost Mom, "The only way we get around it is we have to go through it."

Words of Life, of Healing, as a Together Thing.


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