Friday, April 16, 2010

Moral Compass

Some guy I know said the other day he was looking at a new job. Sounded like a plum assignment with a cool firm on a growth shot.

"So what's your take?" I asked.

"Some guy said the CEO has a weak moral compass. I can't get that thing out of my head," this guy said.


Tough thing to take in a rough economy.

"Great gig. But how do you sign up for a place where the leader has moral compass issues?" he said.

Simple question. Should be a simple answer, right? But, oh my, what a tough call in a double-digit jobless economy.

Good thing that thing stuck in my friend's head. That's what poet Jim Moore says,

"Love the thing inside us that feels no need to move."

There's no shortage of stories on the 10pm TV news and sports these days featuring honchos and hotshots guided by a weak moral compass. Guys who ignored that thing inside.

Before I sign on to follow, fan, friend, adore someone maybe it'd be a good thing to ask,

"Which way's the moral compass pointing here?"

Mine. And the other guy's.


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  1. if people paid attention to the moral compass of the leaders, there would be no Catholics, republicans, or Steelers fans left.