Friday, June 4, 2010

Honchos on the Run

Big Banks. Big Motors. Big Government. Big Church. Big Oil.

Honchos are dealing with lots of big problems these days.

And those who follow honchos demand answers.

Answers tailor-made for each about how to fix that nasty other out there in the dark drama surrounding us.

You know like I know there's gonna be hell to pay if honchos can't get me the answers I want. Time to get us a fresh crop of honchos with new, sure-fire answers to beat back the evil other always in my way.

What a spectacle to see honchos without a clue acting like they have all the answers meeting up with the self-endowed omnipotence of followers who think griping equals wisdom and action.

Ever wonder if the solution to a big problem begins not with grand answers but instead a simple question? Not for all those honchos on the run, this question is for the rest of us standing by,

How might I respond and focus my energy to make a difference, with guts, creativity, sacrifice to do something, anything to help solve a big problem in some small way?

One other question,

How about we turn off talk radio and cable until we actually work together to fix our big problems?


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  1. Tim,
    How about you go first with some of your thoughts on let's say just two BIG problems:
    1> Gulf oil spill
    2> Sluggish economy

  2. Do we drive gas powered cars, trucks, motorcycles, or scooters?
    Do we bag our groceries in plastic, paper, or re-useable containers?
    Do we turn off and unplug, if possible, appliances and computers and printers?
    Do we? Do we? Do we?...
    Do we not pass our values on to the next generation no matter how high on the totem pole we are?