Friday, August 27, 2010

Seth's Intro

Seth Godin asked the other day if I'd be up for doing his intro when he came to town this week.

How exciting!

"Yah, sure" I said.

It'd be an honor to say a few words about a guy who's doing important work on stuff like change and leadership and fear. And about how he does it in a real and engaged and accessible way.

It'd be great if Seth added one more thing to his list of Linchpin abilities on page 218 of his excellent book, LINCHPIN.

That thing would be accessibility.

After all, how can you be remarkable or indispensable or drive change if you're inaccessible?

No doubt people were looking for answers while being close and personal with Seth this week.

But knowing him, I suspect people ended up with lots of questions, good questions, the kind poet David Whyte says are "conceived out of nowhere but...beginning to lead everywhere..."

That's what happened for me.

Seth and I were kibitizing backstage and he got to talking about "elites" and how there's millions of these kinds of these people out in the world and how disconnected, fragmented they are. Seth blogged about this being an opportunity recently.

For me, the big question since being with Seth is,

How can we get the world to see and hear about the world from the eyes and voices of next generation elites, instead of the same-old, same-old eyes and voices we see and hear today?

It's an interesting problem I'm working on with a group of innovative people.

I don't have any answers just now.

But that's ok. I have something better coming from my intro with Seth, an interesting problem, and a question beginning to lead everywhere.


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  1. Tim,
    Very cool!
    I am a fan of Seth's and you!
    Bob G.