Friday, October 15, 2010

The Writer Lives

Rejection sucks.

Here's an email one thumbs-down publishing honcho sent me the other day,

"...overall it is too episodic to work. It doesn’t hold together and read in a cohesive way. It also suffers from being a little too personal... At times it feels like we’re reading a found journal or diary..."


Rejection is paradox. One part death. One part life. Two sides of the same coin.

The tentative artist fears rejection for its death grip. Artistry in every field is a place where failure happens. And who wants to be a failure?

Not me.

I find life's grip too in the midst of rejection. I re-read this email and see questions, choices emerging in the fog,

"What should die here? And what should live?"

I see words, writing, sharing as life. And notice now how there's so much death in the pursuit of others' permission, rejection.

The writer chooses life.

With an invitation to read a new book, "LOVE, YOUR MOTHER."

A new indie book for you, from me.

It is published here.

-- tim

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