Monday, June 20, 2011

Welcome & Well Treated

Capital goes where it is welcome and it stays where it is well treated.

So said Walter Wriston, the legendary captain of high finance.

Makes you wonder with all the chatter about jobs, jobs, jobs today,

Where is capital welcome and well treated?

Seems pretty simple. If it's jobs you want, then welcome the capital that goes into creating jobs and do whatever you can to treat it well.

Funny how hard we make this for ourselves.

Creating jobs is scary stuff. People are hired into new jobs to expand new markets, launch new products, build new companies.  None of this comes with guarantees. The only sure thing is the risk. And the fear of it all.

So as leaders yak about jobs, jobs, jobs, it's weird you never hear them talk about how they'd welcome the job creators, how they'd make sure this capital is well treated.

This is like the world of technology for most humans. Confusing. Formidable. Intimidating. Mysterious.

When welcoming and treating job creation capital well, why not make it inviting, reassuring, helpful, and inspiring?  

You want to get jobs moving, why not invent The New Jobs Store for inventors, entrepreneurs and innovative managers?  

A-first-of-its-kind kind of store.  

A place where you'd experience the magic of jobs.  

A place that could be a lot like The Apple Store.

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