Friday, December 9, 2011


My faith scrimmaged itself today.

St. Thomas against St. John.
Tommie against Johnny
Man against Man
Brother against Sister
Screaming their creeds
Every first-and-ten
Through golden veils of char smoke, billowing off the grilling meats.

Church against Church.
Archdiocese against Abbey.
City against Silence.
Management against Monks.
Power against Prayer.
Will against Wild.
Self against Soul.
Winner takes all
The kingdom
The power
And the glory

And forever?

Oh lord,
It wasn't close.

Sixty three and seven and the city rejoiced.
Then there went silence
And the Monks in retreat to the wood
Empty, vanquished, filled with space,
Still champs,
Hoisting the quiet prize,

I was not worthy to receive You
Though Your Life said The Word and the self and the soul healed
In Faith,
The good scrimmage
One golden fall day.


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  1. City still needs a bit of practice before they get to the Stagg bowl however