Friday, January 27, 2012

A Rare Lunch -- 2nd Helping

Here's another discussion note from my rare lunch the other day.

This note had some words from Richard Rohr.

He wrote one of my favorite books of 2011, called Falling Upward.

It's about a concept he calls the two halves of life, which may or may not be a literal thing.

Sooner or later Rohr says we all end up moving from the first to second half of life and, when we do, we have big choices in terms of how best to live.

To get a feel for how Richard Rohr can make people think and feel about their lives, here are the discussion notes with his words handed to me during A Rare Lunch with my friend the other day,

1. Life is difficult.
2. I am not in control.
3. I am not that important.
4. My life is not about me.
5. I am going to die.

That last line's a bugger.

Kind of like a frank invitation that lay open on my kitchen table all week asking if I'm up for living right now.


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