Friday, May 4, 2012

Commencement Address

Kid number-Two graduates college this weekend.

Next month she heads to work in the Dominican Republic.

She texted the other day expressing fear, uncertainty, doubt about her decision, wondering if she was choosing well.

Turns out, a favorite fringe of fatherhood is delivering commencement addresses to my college kids. Kid-One two years ago. Then Kid-Two the other day.

I had zero time to prepare a short commencement address. And, no, a long speech was not delivered instead.

This was maybe the first commencement address ever delivered via text message.

The crowd loved it.

Really. She did.

Seemed fitting, this being the season of commencing, to share it here.

"Well, yah, that's what graduation means. On to living life. Your big assignment is the same as everyone in the world: Go where you find life.

"Now it is not always easy to know where you can and will find life. Often it is confused with where there is no life.

"Take fear.

"Often it is a great trick that gets in the way of finding life. Fear can be a good thing in proper context but it can also inhibit one's dreams.

"You...have learned these last four years how to learn and listen and discern what's in your heart.

"Take time and quiet to hear your soul.

"Your truth is within. Your purpose is within.

"Look for it there and not outside in what others may think or say or status or riches or recognitions or any of that.

"Just look and listen to the quiet within.

"God will speak to you and you will know by the life you feel; the confidence you receive; the peace that will flow around your next step after college..."

God bless you.

Kid number-Two.



  1. Congrats to parents of kids one and two. It's a time to think did I get everything in I was supposed to, and the knowledge that kids will leave but never be gone satisfies that one little doubt just in case you have another speech in you.

    all the best

  2. Most excellent advice and address!