Friday, February 15, 2013

This Guy in Church

Walked up to communion the other day behind this guy in church wearing a long cape draped down his back that said,


He held up a tall pole with his hands, on top of which was a sign, the size of those you see waving back and forth at political conventions that say Obama or Bush or Four More Years.

On the front of this guy's sign it also read,


and to expand on his point, the back of this guy's sign said,

Turn From Sin.

Wondered while walking up to communion about my sign if ever moved to do what this guy in church does...

What would my sign say?

Repenting...only when it occurs to me 

Or maybe Turning from sin...kinda

Probably (since never knowing when-to-say-when) my sign would say,

Four more years

But this being a walk toward New Jerusalem, maybe it'd be good to start my sign in a more simple way,

Todah rabah!


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