Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lent Store

The Lent Store has now closed.

I'm in the checkout line


Arguing with myself,

the checker, the guy ahead, the one behind, even bickering at the big damn dark dog in the room and her deep black eyes staring,

What to keep

What to shed.

The Lent store has now closed.

But seriously someone is asking,

You gonna decide and get through checkout time?

No, you see I'm stuck
though I think,

I'm doing just fine

PO'd here

delighted to quarrel with me,
all along
the checkout line.

The deal is there's this door
just ahead

I'm jittered seeing.

Something's there on the other side -- exactly what torques my chest -- what's to trust, what's to believe.

it reads.

But it's You!

The carryout fellow who whispers it says,

That way's Life, living, a share in the lamb.

May I bag all your things?

Stuff your graffiti, your prose,

You keep just your poetry then.

Now shall we decide this together while I carry

your bags and you free the line?

To seek

To find

To walk forth

To become fully human,

The Lent Store has now closed.

Time to go...

Time to be risen...

God will You carry us along, help us decide?


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