Friday, May 13, 2011

The 7 Questions of All In

Will I invest my time, resources, energy beyond when it hurts?

Can I press ahead even if others laugh and think I'm nuts, over my head, foolish, stubborn, maniacal?

Am I prepared to die for the cause and for others around me by surrendering my current career, projects, hobbies, comforts and lifestyle, come success or failure?

Can I admit I'm scared, live with fears and past failures, and move on with the task at hand?

Do I trust others around me?

Will I remain committed, honest, ethical, giddy in the middle of the doubtful dark night?

Do I believe Someone and Something larger and profound are at work right now, leading me where there's life, and calling for my gifts at this very moment to help make the world better for others?


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  1. What a fatastic list, Tim. Well said - so much to think about. If our answer to anyone of these is "no", is that an impetus to question whether or not we should be in our venture at all?