Thursday, May 19, 2011

Already Good

Imagine if you thought about me and I about you that we are already good.

What would it be like in the world if everybody thought everybody's already good?

If the teacher believed the student no matter how novice or raw is already good?

If the boss trusted his people to be trustworthy, committed and good?

Would the world have its "isms" and the left and right its deficits if we're already good?

Isn't forgiveness and being forgiven about being already good?

How many jobs might we create if the the banker and VC believed the entrepreneur and her people are already good?

Imagine no shame and no fear in your dreams and your ideas, whether they work or they fail. You may win. You may lose. Either way you learn. Isn't that already good?

What if we all woke up the next morning and thankfully thought,

Lucky us! Lucky us! We're already good!


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