Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Problem and Mystery

The problem is to solve. The mystery to receive.

Problem and Mystery. Two sides of the same coin. Identical unless you look close. The coin that cashes in on FUD. Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt.

One side responds to doing, working, solving -- someday. If I keep at it.

The other side is silent. It only accepts me being.

Problems want my attention. Mystery, my immersion. Problems want my mind. Mystery, my heart. Problems want my tenacity. Mystery, my trust.

Problems are approachable. They all say "Come, let's figure me out."

Mystery stands off. It speaks without words, "Someday you'll know but not 'til I say."

The problem is a lock, the intellect the key.

Mystery is a doorway through which life is alone, there's nothing to see, nothing for solving, only to be. Where I surrender myself. And peg the key. Fight as I will, where I only receive.


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