Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Your Story

My friend, Joe, wanted to know this other day.

Who's gonna buy your story?

"Uh, ya know, people who, uh, like stories," I said.

Dumb answer. Joe tried again.

"Who? Give me a name. Who exactly will buy your story?"

I named a name.

Good, he said. Now answer me this,

What does he want?

What does he do?

What's he gonna get from your story?

What's gonna happen to him if he doesn't buy it?

What's the hook, the reason, in a short line to spend time with you?

"Answer me this, then write it for him."

No matter the product, the service, your story's the thing.

Start naming names. Picture their faces. Their needs. Their fears. How they will triumph from your story.

Say it out loud,

Why does the world, these people need this right now?

Then write them your story, why they should buy it from you.


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  1. Right on Tim. Makes sense to me.